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Not everyone is after a faithful restoration to exactly what Holden put into their vehicles.

To this end we offer a service for the supply and fitment of vehicle enhancements, some of these include:

  • Crash box to all synchro conversions

  • 4 and 5 speed manual gearboxes

  • Disk brake front ends for FB, EK, EJ, EH, HD and HR

Utilising the services of licensed and approved suppliers we can arrange for the fitment of 

  • Air-conditioning

  • LPG fuel systems

We can also supply or add many of the features that were available as options or on Premier models, these include:

  • Power steering

  • 186s and X2 carburetion

  • Heater / demisters

  • Seatbelts front and rear

  • and the full range of NASCO accessories

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